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Na 17:45 een biologisch vegetarische maaltijd verzorgd door Restaurant Hagedis voor €10,- / After 17:45 a delicious veggie organic meal by Restaurant Hagedis for €10,-.

The Dance Movement presents Delightful Movement Workshops at De Grote Pyr on Sunday 15 June 2014! * Part of proceeds benefit Love for Lebanon

Joyful, easy going movement workshops given by top-noch instructors!

14.00-15.00 YOGA | Jacqui Howles |
15.15-16.30 AFRO/SAMBA AXÉ | Stella & Eliza Sala | www.danç
16.45-17.45 DANCE SALAD (ZUMBA) | Sarah Safi Harb |

After 17.45 a delicious veggie organic meal by Restaurant Hagedis | €10,- *reservation is required*

Love for Lebanon uses the donations gathered through events and sold Zumba lessoncards to provide financial aid to association helping Lebanese people in need. In addition to that, Love for Lebanon organizes cultural and dance programs for children in an Orphanage in Tripoli.

Per workshop: €10 ,-
3 workshops: €25,-

Info about our lovely Line up!


A true honor to have Jacqui Howles participating in the Delightful Movement Workshops!
Jacqui Howles, founder of Sunshine Yoga, is a wonderful Yoga teacher; truly inspirational and playful.
She has great knowledge of anatomy and the philosophy of Yoga.
She is basically the most awesome-down-to-earth-yoga-guru !

Don’t miss her workshop from 14:00 till15:00!
Sign up for her workshop at the top of this page.

For more info about her classes:


eliza sala 2 eliza sala

So exciting that Eliza Sala will be sharing her love and knowledge of Samba Axé with us at the Delightful Movement Workshops!

Eliza Sala, originally from Ndalatanda, Angola, is a beautiful and elegant dancer. She brought her passion for dance to Den Haag; her dance studio Dança Sala is the place to learn about the heart and soul of Samba, Kizomba, and many more African dance styles.

Don’t miss her workshop from 15:15 till16:30!

Sign up for her workshop at the top of this page.
For more info about her classes: www.danç
Get in the mood with this Samba video of Eliza Sala! 

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