Belly Dance

Belly Dance is power, femininity, and energy!

The Belly Dance classes with Sarah Safi Harb are all about energy and having fun! In the lessons, you learn basic Belly dance techniques, postures, movements, and combinations. In addition, you learn some fun & simple Belly Dance choreographies. The Belly Dance classes are given at CLOUD/Danslab in The Hague & Belcampo Loft in de Hallen in Amsterdam.
The classes are for women only.

Belly Dance: A source of femininity

Bellydancing is a source of femininity, power, and inspiration. It’s a dance dedicated to yourself and enables you to enjoy all aspects of your femininity: Your power, softness, sensuality, energy, passion, sensitivity, creativity, etc.. Belly dancing is a dance that has been practiced by women in the Middle-East for centuries to have fun, express themselves and stay in great shape.

It’s truly a dance for women of all shapes, sizes & ages!

Signing Up
1. Buy your lesson package in the SHOP.
2. Book your lesson in the CALENDAR. TA DA!
You can already book all the lessons of your package in the CALENDAR. If you can’t make it to a class last minute then you can easily sign off and reschedule your lesson for another moment within the same period.

What to wear?
Wear something you feel pretty and comfortable in.
Pants: legging or stretchy pants
Top: a tight fitting top (showing your belly is fine but not obligatory)
Shoes: bare feet, socks or soft ballet shoes are ok.
Scarf for the hips: If you have one bring it with you, if not I have some at the studio you could borrow or buy.

Do you prefer to learn privately? That’s possible! Learn more.

Looking forward to dancing with you!