Dance Salad


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DANCE SALAD “Tastes and Flavors of World Dance”
Class by Sarah Safi Harb (The Dance Movement)

Workshop starts with warming up the body with different styles of dance and music,feeling the rhythms, and building up towards the core of the class.
The core of the workshop is working, playfully, on a choreography , meanwhile developing different dance techniques, and learning about the cultural backgrounds of the dance.

Each choreography, will be a voyage to a new dance style, mostly traveling through Arabic, African, Latin, or Asian dances and movements. A choreography could also be a fusion of different dance styles.
During the cooling down we make our way from our journey back to the studio, stretching and relaxing the body with slower dance steps and yoga movements.

In return, as we enjoy and learn about one culture a small donation will be made to the charity of that country (ex: if the choreo is from Mali a donation will be made to a charity benefiting Mali)hopefully creating a positive exchange though dance, and bringing the world and different cultures together in one class!

*This workshop is suitable for dancers of all levels*
So come dance, play, travel, explore and taste flavors of world dance!

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What to wear?
Comfortable clothes, bring a large scarf to wrap around the hips, no shoes needed.
keep smiling.



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