Kids Birthday Parties

Give your child an amazing birthday party they will never forget!!

Photos by Eveline van Egdom |

The Dance Movement offers the coolest kids’ dance birthday parties in The Hague & Amsterdam, starting from the age of 8.

Learning fun dance choreographies, playing games, and ending with a big show for the parents.
Kids birthday parties take place at a location of your choice or at a dance studio in The Hague.

The possibilities are endless such as:

  • Zumba parties suited for boys and girls.
  • Belly Dance Princes parties for girls.
  • Combination of Zumba & Bellydancing.
  • Dancing all around the World, introducing different dance styles and world rhythms (African, Indian, Latin, Arabic, etc..)
  • A customized dance party,  with your child’s favorite dance style or theme (dress-up party, superheroes, etc..)

Please scroll down for more information and/or feel free to contact us for more possibilities.

“From the moment Sarah came in, she guided the party in a very pleasant way. She immediately connected with the kids and fill them with her enthusiasm and energy. What followed was a joyful hour of dance, fun and games. All the children were enthusiastic, and they received personal attention. My daughter was so happy that the songs she had chosen in advance, all came back. Doing the moves went very smoothly and in no time the kids were dancing. The show that the kids gave at the end was a great success. And Sarah also succed getting all parents on the dance floor!!!”

Etske, mother of Marijne (7 years)

“My son Kostja had his 10th birthday party organised by Sarah and it was excellent! The whole party, both disco and dance workshop, was fantastic and all children had a great time. Sarah was excellent. She was very polite, extremely interactive with the children and had a very positive attitude to her work, not just a job but obviously she has an interest in working with children. The party was very well organised and her enthusiastic way to lead the children made the party extra special for my son. Thanks a lot!”

Olga, mother of Kostja (10 years)

Why a Dance Party?
A lot of parents prefer this option because there are no language barriers, especially for international children. In this age, children like to dance and party but also just play fun games. It’s a party where the kids get the opportunity to experience movement in a fun way! There is lots of interaction, joy, music, and fun!

What can you expect from a Dance Party?

We are going to do some nice dances. Depending on their concentration and energy, I teach the children 2 or 3 choreographies. We also do a lot of fun dance games, and of course, the children have the freedom to have their Freestyle dance moment. In addition, I always like to make the party a bit personal, by using songs that the birthday girl/boy likes and offering the opportunity for the children to dress-up if they want. It is also possible that we present the choreographies we learned to the parents at the end of the party.

Where can the Dance Party take place?
You can decide either to have the party at home or at the professional dance studio CLOUD/Danslab. The studio is close to the city center, easily accessible and there is space to park. You can check the studio here.
Studio rules:
. No shoes in the dance studio.
. We gather together downstairs and go upstairs together.
. Keep calm in the studio so that we do not disturb the people who are at work.

Is cake possible?
That is certainly possible! There is a kitchen next to the dance studio where the children can eat cake or have something to drink. You can take the cake and some drinks to enjoy a nice moment in between. (Think of plastic cups and plates).

How long can the Dance Party be?

A basic dance party for children is 60 min.
If you would like to have a nice time in between eating food and/or a pause then it will be 75 min.
All the above plus a presentation to the parents at the end will be around 90 min.
More dancing, more games + presentation to parents 120 min. (2 hours).

How much does the Dance Party cost?
The prices variate depending on the location and duration of the party as follows:

At CLOUD/Danslab studio:
60 min €175
75 min €215
90 min €245
120 min €275
This price includes the rent of the studio, preparation, cleaning up the studio afterward, and little presents for the kids.

At your home:
60 min €145
75 min €175
90 min €215
120 min €245
The prices are lower since there is no studio rent. Additional costs apply depending on how far your home is.

How many Children?
A group of 10-15 children is ideal. A bit more or less is not a problem.

Contact us here so we can arrange for your kid to have a wonderful birthday!