Private Lessons

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Private lessons, treat yourself!

The Dance Movement offers private lessons which you can follow alone or with a friend( max 3 people). A private lesson is the perfect option if you would like more personal attention to improve in areas of dance technique and presentation. It’s also the perfect solution for people that are not a big fan of dancing and exercising with a big group.

A private lesson that fits you perfectly

Your private lesson will be customized to fit your wishes and help you achieve your goals.
Some examples of the available options:

  • In a private Belly Dance class you could improve your Belly dance techniques.
  • Coaching in femininity through dance.
  • Perfect some challenging dance moves in Belly Dance or Zumba Classes(Latin, African, Hip Hop, etc..)  through personal attention.
  • creating and/or practicing a choreography alone or with a friend.

Truly a wonderful present for you or your friends!

Got excited? do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can create the prefect private lesson for you!I