The Dance Movement

The Dance Movement stands for happiness, health and empowerment through dance and movement! As simple as that!

Body and mind are one, when both are in harmony one can function optimally and enjoy life to it’s fullest.
The benefits of movement and losing yourself in the music are countless.In addition to feeling fitter, in one hour of dance you can release stress, get inspired, feel happier, and make a positive connection with your body and others. With the intention of spreading this happiness virus The Dance Movement was founded 25-10-2010 and is run by Sarah Safi Harb, in The Hague(Den Haag), The Netherlands.

Sarah Safi Harb, originally from Lebanon, integrates her bellydance and oriental background in her classes. Her vision is that every person has their own way of movement and dancing, she encourages people to find their own style and express their uniqueness. As it doesn’t matter how you dance, but how you feel and what you express while dancing!
The Dance Movement started out with Zumba Fitness classes and expanded to Zumba classes for children (Zumba Kids) and elderly (Zumba Gold).In addition to that The Dance Movement organized two Zumba Marathon Charity events so far, the first in 2012 benefiting Proefdiervrij (against animal testing) and the second in 2013 benefiting Lebanon (Love for Lebanon Campaign).
Dance Salad is The Dance Movement’s newest class; a world and cultural dance class.
Moreover, The Dance Movement offers Bellydance and zumba workshops, private classes ,and birthday parties for people of all levels and ages.

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