Valentine’s Day Zumba

Valentine’s Day Zumba 14 & 16 February!

Single or in a relationship, this Valentine’s Day you will come nothing short of LOVE.
Hanging alone on the couch with a chocolate bar and Netflix is NO option this Valentine’s Day, because you will be showered with sweet sweet Zumba Love.
Valentine's Day Zumba The Dance Movement

Send me your favorite up-tempo love song!
I will choose the TOP 3 songs and make dances to them which we will do in class 14 & 16 February.

Dates: Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 February Zumba 19.00-20.00 | Please be there at least 10 min before start of class.
Theme: We’ll be dancing to some lovey dovey songs ♥
Price: 1 coconut from your 10lessoncard/ Try out €7,50/ Single class €10,-
Dress code: RED or PINK

Partners more than welcome 🙂

Let’s party hearty and feel the Zumba LOVE!