Halloween Belly Dance

Halloween Belly Dance, Where Sensuality Meets Horror.

What & When?
Halloween is just around the corner so on Thursday 26/10 (20.25-21.25) – Note the class starts 10 minutes later than usual- the Belly Dance class transforms into a Halloween Horror Class.

Dress code:
Think Zombie/dead Belly Dancer… Put on a creepy, funny, weird or Zombie costume (doesn’t only have to be a Zombie you can be anything you like) or face paint yourself into a zombie and prepare to… Dance for your Life!! MuhHHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!

A 30 MINUTE DEADLY NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE BY Jori // Blossom – Massage for Women

You Can Join With:
– Any Belly Dance lesson Package
– Halloween Drop-in lesson €10, buy here.
– Or your soul… MUAHAHHAhahahhahah!

After you can sign up for this class on the schedule.

See you on the dancefloor drop-dead-gorgeous 😉