To sign up for the classes:
Choose your class in the schedule: schedule Amsterdam / schedule Den Haag.
Purchase your desired credit(s) for the class with the Eversports software & book your class.

Hereby an overview of the 3 different class credit(s) options:

* Please read the terms & conditions properly before purchasing!
* You can cancel or reschedule your class up to 4 hours prior to the class. Later than that you will be charged a credit.
* The Dance Movement is not responsible for your holidays or if you are sick and can’t attend the class. The validity of your package won’t be extended.
* if The Dance Movement holds a break or if a class is canceled the validity of your package is extended by the length of that break.

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Thank you always for your trust and beautiful vibes.
With infinite love & gratitude,
Sarah Safi Harb