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One on One

Deepen your practice with a costume made personal mentoring plan.


Private lessons

Treat yourself

A private lesson is the perfect option if you would like more personal attention to improve in areas of dance technique and presentation. It's an opportunity to connect with your femininity, body and power.
It’s also the perfect solution for those that don't feel very comfortable dancing in a group setting.

Sarah offers private Bellydance lessons in Amsterdam, The Hague and online.
If you are interested please reach out. Afterward, we first schedule a free 15 min video call to get to know each other and see if we are a match.

Private classes with Sarah are a great way to focus on the techniques I find difficult. Before she starts the class Sarah will always ask you what you wish to focus on. Whatever the answer, she will have an immediate and creative response. So you can ask for dance techniques, practice hip shimmies or if you want to use Bellydance as a way to reduce stress, Sarah will guide you through it. She always brings a smile to my face and I leave uplifted and a slightly better version of myself every time we’ve danced together


" Sarah, with her positivity, warm, sincere and sweet personality, helped me find the joy in Bellydancing again after a long period of illness.

She pays close attention to technique and posture, but above all helps me make a very pure connection with myself, my body and my emotions, and my movements in Bellydancing. It shows me how the authenticity of my movement and embodiment have a positive influence on myself and dance. Both on how it looks and on my own energy.

Her lessons are pure, playful, cheerful and full of imagination."