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Protest Dance for Palestine

Palestine we dance for you! Rajieen - راجعين meaning “we shall return” is a song created by 25…
Personal Stories

My name is Sarah Safi Harb

My name is Sarah Safi Harb. My family name is “Safi Harb” meaning “Pure War” in Arabic. The…

Bakhour / Bkhour

Bakhour / Bkhour explained Very often my dear friend / sister Zahia & myself burn Bakhour / Bkhour…
Personal Stories

Winning 1st Prize in Cairo, Egypt!

In the summer of 2023 I participated in the dance festival Crazy Nights Festival in Cairo, Egypt. A…
Personal Stories

Me, an architect?

How in the world did my family and myself think I was going to be an architect? 😅…