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I declare to have read a copy of The Dance Movement enrolment conditions and will take the responsibility to carefully read and follow the rules and policies mentioned therein.
I understand that The Dance Movement does not give credit and/or refunds for classes missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc..
I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child’s participation with The Dance Movement classes, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation to be my own responsibility.

The Dance Movement offers 3 memberships/plans/means of participation at the moment.
Memberships are valid for all classes, Zumba & Belly Dance, in Amsterdam & Den Haag.

  1. “Honeymoon Phase” | Try 3 classes in 3 weeks | New students only.
    *   Only for NEW members. Can be bought only once.
    *   Valid for 3 weeks from 1st booking.
    *- No refunds- not extendable – no exceptions!
  2. “No Strings Attached” | Drop-in Class | New & returning students.
    *   For new & returning members.
    *   Valid for 1 month from **purchase date.**
    *- No refunds- not extendable – no exceptions!
  3. “Going Steady” | 10 classes in 3 months | New & returning students.
    *   Valid for 3 months from 1st booking.
    *- No refunds- not extendable – no exceptions!

Registration as a member of the classes in Den Haag & Amsterdam at The Dance Movement by Sarah Safi Harb, is performed by purchasing a suitable membership on the website of The Dance Movement & agreeing to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of The Dance Movement 

Refunds, extending the validity of your credits, or partial refunds are NOT POSSIBLE – NO EXCEPTIONS**

**In case of long-term injury or illness (longer than 30 days) the membership can be temporarily postponed to a maximum of six months.
Discontinuation/partial refund is only possible upon presentation of a medical certificate or other acceptable proof and cannot be retroactive.
Absence for study internship, work or vacation does not entitle terminating the contract referred to in this article.

Canceling and/or rescheduling classes can de done through your personal Eversports account (the account your used to purchase class credits and book classes) minimum 5 hours prior to class.
Classes can’t be canceled/rescheduled less than 5 hours prior to class, in case you forget to cancel and don’t attend the class you will still be charged a credit for the class.


  • Sarah Safi Harb has the right to cancel classes. Notification of a cancelled class will be done by email, website and social media. You are not charged of course for a canceled class on my behalf.
  • The class schedule can be found on the website Sarah Safi Harb has the right to change the class schedule.
  • Risk and liability of participation of The Dance Movement classes, or workshops organised are the own risk of the member/ student.
  • Sarah Safi Harb or one of the assistant teachers has no liability for any physical or material damage or robbery.


  • Please arrive between 10-15 minutes before the class start time to ensure your spot in class. I’m a big fan of a relaxed welcome, check in moment, informing me if you have injuries & space for your questions 
  • If you have an injury or health condition please inform me so I can take care of you as best as I can during class.
  • Upon arrival please pass by check-in desk so we can confirm your attendance. This is also valid for OneFit & ClassPass students.
  • Did you reserve a spot online prior to class? If not, please do so to guarantee your spot. Using the Eversports booking software you can purchase class credits on the website and then book your class in the schedule
  • Need to cancel? Please do so online, via your Eversports account, at least 5 hours prior to the class start time.
  • Wanting to take your water into class? Please bring a non-breakable water bottle so that we don’t have glasses flying around. Spill something? Please clean it up for your mates, who plan to stay on their feet.
  • There is simple a communal changing room + toilet. There are no lockers so please keep your valuable belongings at home. You can leave your belongings in the dance studio.


  • Belly Dance: Some Belly Dance hip scarves are provided, however, if you have your own Belly Dance hip scarf bring it with you. 
  • Belly Dance in Den Haag: I advise you to bring clothing layers/ cosy socks/ a jumper into class. The studio can be cold for Belly Dance.
  • Belly Dance: Bring soft ballet shoes/socks, you can also dance bare foot, wear something that is comfy and you feel pretty in. Leggings & a snug fitting top. Showing your belly can be helpful with learning technique but it’s definitely not a must. 
  • Zumba: I recommend wearing comfortable workout clothing that does not restrict your movement. Please wear sport/aerobic/dance sneakers as Zumba involves lots of jumping and I want to ensure the safety and health of your knees and ankles.


  • Both Zumba & Belly Dance classes are inclusive and welcome to adults of all genders, ages and dance levels. As long as the intention is to learn and add to the good vibes.
    If I feel that that might not be the intention, or if you are disturbing the peace of the class or the learning proces of others I have the right to ask you to leave. 
  • We’re a modern bunch – I won’t throw dirty looks at your iPhones. In fact, I love seeing your selfies and progress and learned dance skills on your social media. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT FILMING STUDENTS WHO DONT WANT TO BE FILMED. And please check with me, Sarah Safi Harb, before posting full choreographies on social media. Otherwise don’t forget to tag me @sarahsafiharb & 
  • Please leave phones on silent + inside the changing room & class.
  • I love to see you giggle and interact with others, but please when I am explaining steps, refrain from chit-chatting or giggling with others, it makes it hard for me to hear myself and for others to concentrate. 
  • Be yourself + acknowledge others. Do you need time to take a little break, stretch, close your eyes, be upside down? Go for it. 
  • Be respectful and kind to other students, we all have different learning speed, or sometimes we just have a rough day. It’s important to provide each other with kindness and a safe space for learning.
  • Come to practice as yourself, with yourself + extend your good vibes to others.
  • Please neatly fold & put away, with care, the Belly Dance scarves that you borrowed during class for the next bunch of students.
  • Have feedback? – please let the me know. I’m here to serve you + always appreciate your thoughts + suggestions.


  • If you are pregnant, have a severe and/or recent injury health concern, please consult your doctor before practicing.
  • If you are pregnant, have an injury or health concern, please do let me know before the start of our practice. I will do my best to recommend alternative exercises when relevant, or ask you to skip certain exercises.
  • Try not to eat anything too heavy within 2 hours of practicing with us. This will allow you to get better results from your class + also better digestive results from your food, hehe.
  • Listen to your body before class. If you are feeling stressed, your practice may help you. However, if you are feeling seriously unwell please choose to rest.
  • Listen to your body during class. We are often working with our comfort zones  – trying to go a little bit deeper, a little bit further. However, if you feel any pain in the exercises, please return to a comfortable position.
  • I am not a doctor. My advice is given with good intention, yet without medical expertise. If you ask us for advise regarding your health, we might have some awesome suggestions; however, please always see your doctor for anything concerning your medical, emotional or psychological wellbeing.


  • Sarah Safi Harb or one of the assistant teachers has no liability for any physical or material damage or robbery.
  • Please leave valuable + sentimental items at home if you’re worried about their safety. THERE ARE NO LOCKERS PRESENT. You can leave your belongings in the dance studio.
  • Lose Something? Leave It Behind? I will do my best to retrieve it for you but can’t promise retrieving it. Why? Because I am not the sole renter of the studios in Amsterdam & Den Haag, I only rent the studio for a few hours once a week, so other teachers and students are using the same studio and I can’t guarantee finding your items after a week. 

The Dance Movement Terms & Conditions May 2023 | Amsterdam