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Bakhour / Bkhour explained

Very often my dear friend / sister Zahia & myself burn Bakhour / Bkhour in the morning.

We had the honor and pleasure of buying this bkhour straight from the source from the amazing Algerian band Lemma @souad_asla so this Bkhour is really special! 

Bakhour or Bkhour, is an Arabic word which means fumes. Known as incense in western terminology.

Bakhour / Bkhour can be used for religious rituals and for relaxing. It has such a lovely perfume that this might be used to scent a home and aid meditation. It is often used for funerals and is said to attract angels. In addition, it is widely used by Muslims as a fragrance during religious ceremonies. 

My sister @zahia1985 burns this almost daily as a ritual to cleanse her home and invite in good energy. 

Have you tried this before? Do you have a cleansing ritual? 

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