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How in the world did my family and myself think I was going to be an architect? 😅

As a child I was constantly dancing, in my room or wherever there was music. 
There were no dance classes to my availability growing up. 
I just spent hours in my room dancing and creating choreographies, hoping one day I will be Jennifer Lopez’s back-up dancer. 

I came to The Netherlands 15 years ago to study… you guessed it. Architecture! 
I hated it. 
Went to study interior architecture at the art academy.
Hated it. 
And there I was completely lost and hopeless in what I am to do in life…

And then I had a taekwondo teacher who told me “Listen, I give a dance class to women, they want to shake their hips, I am not gonna do that. I know you like to dance. Do you want to teach half of my class?”
Then and there I felt “YES!”

With zero prior experience I prepped the class and went to give half of the class. 
After class I thought yes… yes… this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, inshallah. Inshallah. 

I had to fight for this passion. 
It’s not the path that is most wanted for an Arab woman. 
As a matter of fact it’s more of a nightmare for every Arab parent. 
But with time even my family saw that I will be much more successful and happier being a dancer than an architect. (No shade to architects 😅) 

And here I stand almost 12 years of teaching later.. still so passionate about dancing and teaching dance. 
Inshallah I will keep on dancing (with you) until my last day on this earth. Old wrinkly lady shimmying with you. Inshallah! 

When did you start dancing? 
And if you feel called to dance, know it’s never too late to start. You are always welcome to dance with me my dear!