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My name is Sarah Safi Harb. My family name is “Safi Harb” meaning “Pure War” in Arabic.

The warrior within in my family knows no rest. I come from a family lineage, including myself, that knows the true meaning of war, the war within and the war on our beloved land.

I carry my last name with pride and blisters.
It’s a heavy name to carry if I’m frank. Sometimes I want to put it down and be “Pure Bliss”. 

All my life I am fighting the noble fight, the pure war..

In my upbringing the fight against the restrictions & oppression of the culture. Listening to Songs of Freedom by Bob Marley caged in the 4 walls of my childhood bedroom.

In my carrier I have fought against the pressure of becoming an engineer or a doctor to be a dancer, Bellydancer even! ha ha! An Arab parents nightmare!

In the Dutch society I have fought for my spot to belong, to be seen! To be of worth.

I fought & still fight against the stigma of depression and mental health. 
I fought & still fight to heal generational trauma, to heal the pain my family lineage has carried so far and break these taboos.

I fight for liberation. 
To show those sides of ourselves that can be miserable, lost, confused, scared, vulnerable. Just as much as our sides that shine & thrive! 

I have founded the dance movement almost 13 years ago. And for around 9 years I have presented myself in class with a cheerful face as can be, whilst hiding my depression as best as I could. 

I did that until I couldn’t and broke down. 
When I started teaching 1,5 years ago I decided to bring the whole of me to class. 

Enough hiding. 
This is me TOO. 
The warrior. The wounded. The proud and the defeated. 
I am all that. 
A warrior of light and darkness. 
I am Sarah Pure War.
Photo by the incredible @irisnibbering